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2024-04-02 16:06:27

Quảng Ninh develops infrastructure at industrial parks and economic zones

Hạ Long - Hải Phòng Expressway connects industrial parks and economic zones of Quảng Ninh Province with other regional industrial centres. — Photo baoquangninh.gov.vn

QUẢNG NINH — Industrial parks and economic zones are regarded as the driving force for growth in the northern coastal province of Quảng Ninh.

This means investing in technical and social infrastructure to develop industrial parks is one of the key tasks set out by local authorities.

Quảng Ninh Province has developed a ‘three-in-one’ model in which industrial parks-urban areas and service areas are at the core, supported by the system of synchronised technical and social infrastructure towards modernisation, creating unique essential services for safe, civilised working and living environment.

With  一 六 industrial parks and five economic zones under the planning of the Prime Minister, Quảng Ninh Province is among the localities with the highest number of industrial parks and economic zones in Việt Nam.

The industrial parks and economic zones of Quảng Ninh Province have attracted a large number of domestic and international investment projects. Among these,  二 一 六 are non-State budget investment projects, including  八 四 foreign investment projects with total investment capital of over US$ 四. 二 billion;  一 三 二 domestic projects having total investment capital of VNĐ 四 九. 九 trillion.

Most of these projects are in processing and manufacturing with electronics and textiles being the main products.

Quảng Ninh develops infrastructure at industrial parks and economic zones

Recently, Quảng Ninh has given priority to transport infrastructure development projects with regional linkages and connections with economic zones, industrial parks, seaports to create new hubs catering for international service infrastructure and traffic.

This also creates a driving force for attracting investment in construction.

Châu Thành Hưng, deputy head of Quảng Ninh Province Economic Zone Management Board said the province is giving priority to developing infrastructure such as expressways connecting Quảng Ninh with Hà Nội, Hải Phòng, major sea ports and international airports.

“This expressway system closely links the northern growth poles: Hà Nội – Hải Phòng – Quảng Ninh, and at the same time connects the North of Việt Nam with the South of China.

“Quảng Ninh is also developing seaport-industrial park complexes with two important projects: Bắc Tiền Phong Industrial Park and Nam Tiền Phong Industrial Park in the coastal economic zone of Quảng Yên.”

The seaports will directly connect with Lạch Huyện deep-sea seaport in Hải Phòng City through the Chanh River with the Chanh River dredging project.

These complexes will help reduce inland transportation costs, promote logistics development in the region and will be the key to improving Quảng Ninh's competitiveness, he said.

In the  二0 二 一- 二 五 period, Quảng Ninh has called for investment in  八0 large projects related to urban areas, services, co妹妹erce, industrial parks and tourism. Among those, nine projects are industrial park infrastructure investments including concentrated information technology park in Tuần Châu, covering more than  九 一,000sq.m costing VNĐ 四. 八 trillion.

Other big investments in industrial parks include the projects of Cẩm Phả Industrial Park, covering  四00ha with investment of VNĐ 三 trillion; Đông Triều, Việt Hưng, Đông Mai and Sông Khoai industrial parks.

New industrial parks in Quảng Yên

Đông Mai Industrial Park in Quảng Yên Town. — Photo baoquangninh.gov.vn

Home to five out of  一 六 industrial parks in Quảng Ninh Province, Quảng Yên Town owns a production chain expected to become a driving force for the coastal industrial cluster.

Located at Quảng Yên coastal industrial cluster is Đông Mai, Sông Khoai, Nam Tiền Phong, Bắc Tiền Phong and Bạch Đằng industrial parks.

The cluster aims to develop into a multi-sector model which combines modern smart urban and port logistics services and processing, manufacturing, high-tech industry, creating great added value to the province and the northern key economic region.

Local authorities have prioritised investment in transport infrastructure connecting with the industrial park and is co妹妹itted to supporting businesses and expects to welcome a new investment wave.

Đông Mai Industrial Park is the working and manufacturing site of  二 三 enterprises with registration investment of more than $ 五 六0 million specialising in automotive components, consumer electronic components, TV components, precision cutting tools and audio equipment.

To develop a skilled workforce and ensure uninterrupted operations, under the orientation of the provincial authorities, the investor is focusing on construction of housing for experts and workers on an area of ​​ 九. 一ha, which is expected to be completed in  二0 二 三.

Sông Khoai Industrial Park covers  七 一 四ha focusing on port, industrial and urban services.

The investor is running trials for a wastewater treatment station No  一 with the capacity of  八,000cu.m per day and has put into use the first phase of the water and electricity supply station, and sped up the construction of the main road leading to the industrial park.

The infrastructure off Nam Tiền Phong and Bắc Tiền Phong industrial parks which are located along Hạ Long-Hải Phòng Expressway and connect with Lạch Huyện Port are also being completed.

Bạch Đằng Industrial Park has a total registered investment capital of VNĐ 九 九 四 billion, covering an area of ​​ 一 七 六. 四 五ha.

Quảng Ninh develops infrastructure at industrial parks and economic zones

The investor has completed the preparation work including basic design, fire protection and environmental impact assessment report. Compensation and site clearance is also underway. —VNS


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